About Our Brand

Philosophy of “Good Mood” vibrates with the melodic rhythms of history, nature and inspiration, which are the core concepts of making drinks with naturally fresh fruits.

There’s a strong connection between the feeling of taste and mood state, therefore, the variations of drinks’ aromas chase the goal of conveying the true essence of Armenia and the constant good mood of the locals, who encourage to always be in the sunshine state of mind.

Although vodka is considered to be a really strong and complex drink, after each gulp of “Good Mood True Armenian Flavour” fruit vodka, the stiff sensation softens right away, due to the mediation of fruit aromas, suggesting: Apricot, Peach, Cherry, Plum.

Success story of each brand begins with people. People who motivate with their enthusiasm to others around, those who are passionate about creating something really unique, bright, accepted and in demand. Appreciation of experts and consumers encourages to go on creating and conquering people’s hearts. That’s how GOOD MOOD True Armenian Flavour 56% brand was born.
Vodka GOOD MOOD True Armenian Flavour started its journey in 2019 and already in 2020 the very first line of unique products was headed to its destination, which in 2021 began to capture Chinese market’s interest.
1919.cn – China’s largest alcoholic beverages retailer did value our product.

The company’s name “19” has a full meaning – the company ships alcohol to every part of China within 19 minutes.
Alibaba invested 2 billion yuan (288.3 million US dollars) in E-commerce platform 1919, in order to stimulate alcohol sales in the country.
This led Alibaba Group being the second largest shareholder of 1919.cn.
Investments were intended to make 1919.cn known in every part of China and half of them included opening 2000 new retail stores.
The company has 1800 offline stores, which are based in more than 500 Chinese cities.
Company’s sales mainly take place through three channels: online platforms, offline stores and purchases through application.
Not only GOOD MOOD True Armenian Flavour is available in 1919.cn, vodka is also available in Taobao.com, which is a leading Chinese online shopping platform.
Weibo is one of the largest social media platforms in China, where GOOD MOOD can be purchased.
WeChat – popular social media platform, which on its turn advertises our GOOD MOOD vodka.

Thus, Armenian Export Center builds up success story of each brand, which is considered to be the bases of conquering the markets. We export together with Armenian producers.
Connecting and Conquering!


Cherry Vodka

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Plum Vodka

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Peach Vodka